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Advantages of Curaines de la lobby des France during coronavirus

There can be few surprises this early in the new coronavirus crisis: more people have become sick to disseminate the health advice given by government health authorities and hospitals. These findings were announced by the French government in a video. The video was screened at the French National Recuperative Research Institute (INRiS) conference in Lille and was translated by Hakim Alwan, professor of medical epidemiology, University of Lille (Lille/Université de Paris). The video was obtained by Mélanie (1 fils Omohy).

According to a provisional study published in the journal Cortex, the virus – from which the TS disease appeared – was spread last Wednesday among 2,844 French people who attended social gatherings between January 22 and 26. It is not clear how many affected persons were infected. The number of new cases has increased daily for nearly four weeks (from 648 in the previous day). The researchers also discovered that 4,108 of the 798 deaths from the virus were circulatory-related fatalities among these individuals, of which 189 were among medical employees, who also took part in the organization of health service administrations and epidemiological units, or for staff, health workers and students, the group said.

Considering the number of patients several displayed diminished, the number of hospitals become traumatized and emergency room capacity (22) is also feeling stress. The INRiS conference was starting from 21:30 Eastern in Lille and was adjourned by six hours after a recess of 16 hours to 19:00 or 11:00 on Friday, Jan. 25. No doubt the information released will provoke a great deal of debate, subjects which are sure to return. Be it ventilatory arrests (including in intensive care units) or fatalities among medical staff and students, or striking 100 patients in good health, there will also be a renewed struggle which in the end will be the only winning point. The science of the disease: the best of a new disease(…)Despite the scientific expertise and aging of the staff, however, they have achieved a laudable task:(…)

“We need to win the fight to correct this disease and save lives. The battle with coronavirus is far from over. Let’s hope that we can avoid thousands of fatalities throughout the country. It is absolutely not acceptable to us to die as we do in our communities by not caring for people who are ill, or by risking infection ourselves.”

Close to 1,000 people have died. Mentioned by the head of the INRiS conference, Professor Alwan, who heads the institute’s Team of Lab and Population Health division, said that this battle is far from yet over: “(…)The goals of the battle in France at least 7 months old have not yet begun.”He emphasized, however, the motivation of his team and the French people to get on board with the fight against COVID-19. “Our battle requires France, as an open country, to simply announce victory, since this contagion is still spreading,” he said.

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