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By the Numbers

Ireland reported over 1,700 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Friday – slightly more of an average of 9,000 a day in the last three weeks to April 15.

There had also been 800 tests carried out on Friday.

The highest number of tests conducted in this timeframe was carried out in Ballinlleach, Dublin, where an additional 970 tests were carried out as a result of the HSE’s outbreak response, with 4,598 tests carried out around the country.

A total of 1,663 people were considered to have recovered from COVID-19, however this did not include anyone who had died as a result of the disease. Only those who died from the disease were included in the official figures.

The number of people with respiratory symptoms had risen by 98 recently and reached 21,000 as of Friday afternoon, up by 50 from the day before.

A total of 8,110 people were considered to have recovered from the disease, up 9 from the day before. In the past 24 hours, there have been five death re-connections.”The continued increase in cases and recent increases have prompted us to strictly limit intake of patients for further testing as an attempt to decrease transmission,” commented Dr Tony Holohan, the country’s health virology chief.

He urged people to strictly follow social distancing guidelines and to avoid contact with people who are sick as this helps to protect all of those who have contracted the disease, and to avoid contaminated surfaces.

The national COVID-19 and Social Distancing Council (Derby Council) urged people to avoid non-essential non-essential social interactions, such as clubs, restaurants and leisure centres.

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