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Study Shows Benefits of a Low Dose Aspirin Toxin

A UCLA-led study found that a low dose of a commonly prescribed dose of aspirin delivered in a single session led to a significant reversal of congestive heart failure, improving quality of life among 54 percent of study participants.
To reach these conclusions, the team conducted a trial with 954 participants determined to test the effect of a low dose aspirin treatment delivered on a single time point (1500 mg/d) among 54 patients.
The researchers found a significant decline in the time to the first episode of chest pain (time to 2-4 weeks after starting aspirin treatment) with a low-dose aspirin treatment.
Another incidental finding was that healthy people who had no chest pain and did not have congestive heart failure were more likely to stop or reduce doses.

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Lung transplant effective against lethalukemia

Lung transplants are effective for protecting patients of all ages from lethal and challenging blood disorders, according to new research. During a six-year period ending in 2013, nurses delivered 530 additional lung transplants and 44 additional ear and stem transplantation surgeries, according to the study published in JAMA Oncology and funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.…

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