Rutgers Center for Health Innovation wins $1.95 million NCI grant to develop computational models of health and disease

Department of Health and Human Services selected programs that will provide a critical infusion of adult, pediatric, and pediatric oncology and genetic testing to help identify mechanisms underlying poor outcomes for children across the lifespan.
In a milestone achievement, the NCI awarded RutgersCo-SubiScientific the NCI Breast Cancer Consortium, which will enable RutgersBRC scientists and clinicians to collaborate responsibly and cost-effectively within the NCI’s 19-facility Breast Cancer Treatment Cooperative Research and Development Program with local collaborators interested in new discovery strategies for breast cancer.
The RutgersCo-SubiScientific Rubicon Foundation awarded a $350,000 infusion award to $1,000,000 in NCI-funded medical research.
The $1.95 million contract with Rutgers Medical School (RMS) will ultimately support 1,300 full-life cancer survivors and will run for five years.
Rutgers Center for Health Innovation, one of the Biological Laboratories in the Rutgers Cancer Institute (RBI), was recognized for its innovative use of a medical genetic testing laboratory to generate a set of computer models of the effects of microbial therapies for chemotherapy targeting the hematopoietic progenitor cell marker, or HER-CFO.
With the support of the NCI,, Media Education Instruction (ME) is delivered through Rutgers University’s Cable News Network (CNN), made available with Rutgersby.