M Workshops tries to address abortion care in rural areas

A new e-commerce based on Doctors for Life is launching in northern Italy. Multi-level marketing company Doctors for Life operates a midwifery clinic in the town of Gasocchio. The location for clinics is in Monte Gallo commune so the clinic does not offer abortion of any kind. The company aims to promote the procedure in the rural areas. To this end the company has launched the e-commerce-based platform Medicina. The e-commerce platform which has a site for girls between the ages of 14-25 offers a range of products for Irish mothers and their fetuses and for teachers. It also offers student students entry-level positions. As of Ireland day March 23 it will be mandatory for all patients – currently in the pre-term period – to attend a facial anaesthetic drug course. For the uninitiated facial anaesthesia involves the administration of general anesthetic drugs.

A vision healthcare businessTeaching new products.

Having launched the emporium of medical tourism Doctors for Life CEO Jennifer Burns explains that if we are to make the transition to a new millennium we will need to change the focus from abortion to our pre-term patients who want a non-scary safe pregnancy measure. All of the products we launch are for the general audience but we also sell critical educational products for those who wish to start that journey or who are concerned about medical tourism. While we hope our website is a destination for healthcare professionals keeping up experience and learning about rural Ireland we also have plans in place for other communities who are less well seen due to language barrier different cultural traditions and accessibility she adds.