Research reveals pancreatic fibrosis trigger of rheumatoid arthritis

Diabetes is a common chronic condition to which many people are subjected. This condition is characterized by a progressive and disabling reduction of the pancreatic gland and pancreas contributing to an often devastating type of diabetes. Until now it was suspected that cancer as the cause of the disease but a University of Copenhagen research group has discovered a marker that may give us a clue in the future.

The researchers have identified a protein on the surface of pancreatic cells which predicts whether the disease is diabetic or not. KimJong Choi referring to his groups discovery explains And heres where we need to start our investigation. We have identified a marker that predictsS the pancreatic fibrosis trigger of rheumatoid arthritis. Thats the hookiest of all studies weve done so far as diabetic patients show a marker that correlates with tissue weight. The answer maybe therapeutic. But after two to three years and without many patients it might not have much impact for them.

Vivi Vivalr professor at the Department of Clinical Medicine and Perioperative Science at UvA which is institutionally known for its research into diabetes rheumatoid arthritis and pancreatic cancer says:

I was quite surprised to find this marker that correlated with the severity of diabetes in patients. This is the first marker we have from patients with diabetes but since it is a marker it may seem reassuring to some some of you. The data kind of is giving you the whole story. One day it might even lead to a generic replacement marker for both kinds of patients but its all speculative. But its something we need to continue pursuing.

The study was published in Cell Reports.