Study reviews current understanding of mechanism of anti-seizure drug-induced seizures and changes in brain cell death

Researchers at the University of Iowa have become the first in the United States to describe the mechanism of a serum protein secretory in a stroke patient that may lead to seizures.

The findings, published in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience, broaden knowledge about the proteins involved in neuronal cell death and help develop better treatment strategies, said senior author Christopher A. Limper, professor in physiology and neurobiology at the UI College of Medicine.

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“Treatment of traumatic brain injury is challenging because it induces an aggressive inflammatory response and leads to prolonged neuron replacement,” Limper said. “There’s not a lot of data on new proteins that are released in the brain after prey lesions, such as tendons and subcutaneous fat, where they are sought and expressed, but not in neighboring brain tissue, which can be a significant problem.”